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Below is a list of the events and markets well be attending this year

2022 Events

3rd July - Clevedon Sunday Market - Hill road

7th August - Clevedon Sunday Market - Hill road

4th September - Clevedon Sunday Market - Hill road

9th September - Cheddar food festival

2nd October - Clevedon Sunday Market - Hill road

6th November - Clevedon Sunday Market - Hill road

4th December - Clevedon Sunday Market - Hill road

8th December - Thursday night clevedon market - Hill Road

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Ganley and Naish cider is currently available from the following.

Brewery's / Distillery's
Clevedon Brewery - Tweed road trading estate, Clevedon

Pub's / Bar's / Tap rooms
The Cider Box - Silverthone Ln, Bristol

The Cider Box - Whapping Wharf

The Fallen Tree Mirco Pub - Hill road, Clevedon

Lazy Dog - St Andrews, Bristol

The Plough, Taunton

Dark Horse - Redfield, bristol

The Orchard Inn, Spike Island, Bristol

Restaurant's / Cafes

Pasture - st Mary redcliff, Bristol
Box E - Wapping Wharf, Bristol

Pear Orchard - Middle Lane, Kingston Seymore

Sundial Kitchen - Amba House, Totterdown, Bristol

Campus Pool - Bishopsworth, Bristol

Off licences' / Shops

Bramble Country Store - Church Rd, Clevedon

Vintage and Vine - Hill Rd, Clevedon
Earth Fare - High street, Portishead

Scrattings - online

Events Spaces'
Theatre Shop - Clevedon, Queen Square
Mendip View Farm - Kingston Seymour